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The most frequently asked questions about Dauntless Transportation Group services are answered below. If you do not find the answer you are looking for you can contact us by email at info@dauntlessgrouptx.com or click contact.

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Dauntless Transportation Group FAQ
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There are several ways to book with DTG, online via our website: www.dauntlessgrouptx.com
  • email: info@dauntlessgrouptx.com

  • call or text: 214-957-7486

  • or by downloading the MOOVS app to your mobile device.
    A chauffeur with a name sign will meet you inside the terminal at the baggage claim assigned to your flight (even if you do not have checked luggage). For international flights, your chauffeur will meet you directly outside of customs.
    Please visit our Vehicle page. We also have trusted affiliates we work together with to provide quality service in over 100 cities nationwide.
    Wheelchair accessible vehicles are available upon request.
    We accept all major credit cards and cash.
    Yes, the passenger can always pay cash direct to the chauffeur, but during the booking process we require a credit card to secure the reservation.
    Yes, security is the major consideration in everything we do. We do not see or store your credit card information unless YOU establish an account with Dauntless Transportation Group.
    Unless your flight number is changed, you don’t have to do anything, our flight tracking technology system is capable to accurately track your flight and your chauffeur will be at the airport at the right time. If your flight number is changed, you must contact us to inform our dispatch agents of the new flight information.
    When storing customer details or using our online Checkout to collect payment data, DTG will send a request to the issuing bank for authorization to verify that the card is valid creating a $1 debit. This authorization request will be reversed immediately once verification is obtained. However, even if the bank declines the authorization, you may still see an authorization for $1 on their credit card statement. The important thing to remember is that this is not a charge, and it will disappear from your statement; depending on the bank, it can remain on your statement in anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks.
    Receipts are automatically sent to your email when we finalize the charges for your trip.
    During the reservation process, you will register your name as the customer, you will place a check mark on the "I am not the passenger" option and then you will enter the passenger(s) name(s).
    We like to say service must be pre-arranged through this website, by phone call, or through text at least 2 hours in advance for efficient transportation to be provided. Although this fair policy is in place for the safety of our drivers and for the fairness of all clients, please don’t allow this little rule to stop you from letting us help you with a last minute or emergency need for quality transportation
    DTG provides child seats and booster seats for a fee, during the reservation process you will be given a choice of child safety car seats and cost.
    For complaints, please contact: The Transportation Regulation Division, The Department of Aviation:

    over 30 years of professional driving experience

    over 30 years of professional driving experience

    Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-6:30pm
    Saturday 9:00-12:00pm


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