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over 30 years of professional driving experience

Luxury Sedan rental and chauffeur services for the Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding metroplex. Car and driver rental services for Central North Texas.
If you or your guest require transportation for airport travels, local venues, weddings, funerals or daily errands, we are the right choice!
Travel for fun or necessity.

Travel securely and safety with Dauntless Transportation Group.

For your convenience we have included some popular city entertainment venues and or social events. Our luxury sedans services can make a night or day venue special so there is no worry of traffic routes or parking dilemma. We always sanitize our vehicles to ensure a clean and safe environment. We offer personalized transportation services throughout central North Texas.

over 30 years of professional driving experience
over 30 years of professional driving experience
Dauntless Transportation Group, LLC
Dauntless Transportation Group, LLC

Dauntless Transportation Group offers a luxury Sedan and a luxury service. Every passenger is greeted professionally and prior to every passenger pick up the vehicles is inspected and cleaned.

In today's world safety is always a valid concern so rest assured Dauntless Transportation is validated with required company operating authority city permits  necessary to operate legally and safety.

Dauntless Transportation Group designated driver and or personal chauffeur service is focused on you and where you are going. Our services include specific vehicle use or we can drive your vehicle for you. Its a way to offer a very important and needed service that’s less expensive for the client, but allows the client to use their vehicle for our time together.

All security services are provided through a State of Texas vetted, insured and license company.

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Security services are vetted through the State fo Texas

over 30 years of professional driving experience

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-6:30pm
Saturday 9:00-12:00pm


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