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over 30 years of professional driving experience

VIP Service is what we offer combined with the peace of mind of secure private ground transportation. Your Chauffeur will provide concierge service assuring your needs as priority.

Our goal is to ensure each client experience is exceptional.

  • “Up to 85 percent of attacks on principals happen in or around a vehicle, 60 percent of abductions while in transit. Nearly 1.3 million people die in vehicle accidents each year. If any risk is likely to disrupt or end your principal’s travel, there’s a good chance a vehicle will be involved.”
        - Donald D. Purdue, Jr of Security
        eNewsletter July, 31, 2018

  • Our Promise / Our Motto

  • “Driven With Protection, Your Safety In Silence”. This means we go out of our way to protect your privacy, keep you comfortable and insure your safety.

Give us a call at 214-957-7486 and allow us to service all your transportation needs. You won't be disappointed with the service provided by Dauntless Transportation Group - allow us to drive you with protection.

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over 30 years of professional driving experience

over 30 years of professional driving experience

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